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We sew our face mask from pre-washed 100% cotton fabric. They are washable and suitable for repeated use. As a rule, the fastening straps can be removed and replaced. If desired, they can be shortened and tied only to go around the ears. Some masks have a metal wire-shaped nose bridge, which seals the mask and reduces fogging of the glasses. Our masks are double-layered or custom-made three-layered or with a filter pocket. We use soft and flexible cotton-polyamide tape as fastening wires or rubber tape as custom work.

Please note that the fabric mask does not completely protect its user or others from infection and its effectiveness depends on how it is used. The fabric mask is not a personal protective equipment and should not be used in conditions where personal protective equipment is required. The mask does not protect the wearer from airborne contaminants. The face mask must not be touched during use. Touching the mask increases the amount of contaminants in front of the airways, which can be detrimental to the user. Masks are not standardized and should be cleaned often enough.

Quilt - cloth masks for the face in a coronary situation
" I ordered a patch. com fabric mask made from their cotton fabric selections. I took the biggest model to cover my face more. I like colors and birds. Here's a hummingbird in the middle of the plants on the other side. " - Elli Söderlund
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