Wool Ironing Mat
Wool Ironing Mat
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Wool Ironing Mat

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Lightweight and space-saving woolen ironing pad.

IMMEDIATELY READY - Easy to cut and shape when needed. The edges do not unravel or tear. Quite fireproof. I would like to add: this product has a strong aroma because it is 100% wool and because it is completely natural without any chemical treatment, no tinting, nothing. It smells like sheep.

EFFICIENT IRONING PLATE - Steam is reflected back to the fabric and the base keeps the fabric in place unstretched when ironed. You can use multiple ironing pads on top of each other to better protect the surface below.

EASY TO MAINTAIN - Inherently dirt and water repellent. Any stains must be wiped off immediately. Vacuuming, brushing and ventilation take care of the substrate. Washing is not recommended, but the surface can be wiped. The ironing board naturally releases some wool fibers in use.

DOMESTIC AND ADDITIVE-FREE - 100% domestic wool and production. The ironing board has no glue or other binders, but its wool fibers are adhered to each other. with heat, moisture and agitation following a millennial tradition.

VERSATILE - Suitable for many other applications where heat or sound insulation is required or a surface that is easy to hang.

Size: 40 x 55 x ~ 1 cm

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