BlommaBom Block 1

This is my first hand applique. I am really happy about the result.

These are my notes and some tips from the Love Quilt Mag. 

  • Seam allowance are ¼ in, unless otherwise noted
  • Press fabrics before cutting 
  • Templates do not include seam allowance
  • For template Love Quilt Mag issue 86

Yasmeen recommends that if you are planning to make the whole quilt, cut all background block fabrics into 13x13inch squares. Then use the remaining parts for applique. At the beginning I was not sure, maybe I don’t like hand applique, or I prefer something small, for now I am going block by block. (Next month Yasmeen mentioned that after trimming real block size is 12½ inches).

I watched some video classes about hand applique and got some nice tips from there:

  • Cut your background fabric half an inch bigger, sometimes the applique makes the whole block a bit shrinking, after finishing the block trim it. 
  • Use 50w or 60w thread for invisibility. I used different threads in the first applique and I can now definitely say that 50w is much better than regular 40w thread for this.
  • In the class it was recommended for the first time don’t go with white fabric. It is difficult to work, choose low volume or small printed fabric, it is easy to disappear stitches. Unfortunately I couldn’t follow this recommendation.
  • After gathering experience, use solids, same reason with 3 it could be difficult to hide threads. I can say that Grunge fabrics are best for the applique. Their low volume prints are perfect for hiding threads. 
  • Cut out template pieces, and trace around them on the fabric using a chalk marker, on the right side of fabric. Cut out each piece, adding a scant ¼ inch seam allowance.

I preferred to use freezer paper, then I ironed the template to the back side of the fabric and I both used glue and basting stitches to decide which is more suitable, after making all applique pieces, I put them background fabric in order. I used blind stitch, After more than half I removed freezer paper. I used the same templates for the second block. 

I stitched the upper and lower part of the leaves with my sewing machine. Then ironed and sticked the pattern templates.

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