About us

Tilkkunen - Pinar Söderlund

A new life in Finland

Some time ago I settled in Helsinki, leaving behind my hectic career as an ICT specialist and chaotic Istanbul. It was the result of a sudden, rapidly developing and, in my opinion, incredible love story.

Interweaving a life with someone is not easy, even with your countryman, even if you speak the same language and grew up in the same culture. It is even more difficult when you change not only the country but also your language. But Finland welcomed me both in terms of people and nature, although not in winter and cold.

Patchwork as therapy

Life does not always unfold as a rosy love story like in the movies. Changing the country actually changes life completely. As a result of various disappointments, I eventually found myself in a deep depression.

I sought psychological support and started taking anti-depressants. My therapist told me to try something new if I didn't enjoy what I had been doing until then.

I decided to try to learn to sew. Fortunately, there was space on one course, and it was a free course at the Labor College. During the course, I learned that it was a charity course where button blankets were made for premature babies to be donated to the Children's Hospital.

My story started to change completely. I noticed that I enjoyed immensely the fact that I produced something tangible with my hands.

Happy ending

I got out of depression gradually and became obsessed with fabric. Fabrics and crafts freed me from my desperate situation and I thought that maybe it can help others to get more happiness in their lives, so I founded Tilkkunen.

"About us" refers to those sisters and friends who supported me with their ideas and work in this project. Tilkkunen, which refers to a small and cute patch of fabric, was also a suggestion of one of my friends.

My grandfather supported his family as a haberdashery merchant, but if you asked him his profession, he would definitely say he was a poet. People would visit his shop, sometimes sitting for hours drinking tea and chatting with him. We live in a different era now, but I really miss that time of personal interaction. For now, Tilkkunen works mainly as an online store, but if you happen to be nearby, by all means come to me for a cup of coffee or tea!

My goal is to offer you quality products that help reveal your creativity within you at the most affordable price.


I'm in new waters with this business. I would appreciate any kind of feedback, you can contact me about anything. Of course, above all, I hope for feedback that helps me move forward, but also criticism and ideas for improving my activities. Please also contact us if you have fabrics in mind that you would like to see in my shop or if you want larger batches of fabric (over 5 m) at special prices.

Tilkkunen - Pinar Söderlund