Christmas Quilted Mug-Rug Swap

In the companies that I used to work there was one fun way of forming social contacts. Everyone’s name was written on a piece of paper that was closed and put into a bowl and then each one would pick a paper piece from the bowl. Each one of us was then supposed to give a new year present to that random person from the office.

How about sending someone a mug rug as a Christmas present? The model and fabric would be entirely up to you. This way, you could make another quilter really happy with a mug rug of your own design of any size you want from your current fabric stash, a surprise gift. We would use Elfster to make the selection of who will send to whom among the participants.

  • What is a Mug Rug? A small, fun to create, mini quilt that is mostly there to look pretty on your desk and soak up your drink of choice’s drips and condensation.
  • How big is a Mug Rug? As big as you want it to be, usually falling somewhere in between the usual size of a coaster and a placemat.  10x15cm-ish to 15x25cm-ish.
  • How do I make a Mug Rug?  Just like you were making a mini quilt!
  • You may find many examples from Pinterest HERE

How to participate and what to do:

  1. Click on the link HERE, leave your postal and email address to participate in the swap, the last day to join is November 25th.
  2. The raffle is on November 30rd (the system chooses who will send to whom in a random manner). You will receive an e-mail from Elfster telling your mug rug’s designated receiver.
  3. Prepare the mug rug and send it with a message to your mug rug’s happy receiver.

A few little reminders:

* Please understand that by joining, your name and address will be revealed to someone possibly unknown to you - to the participant that has been chosen by Elfster to create a mug rug for you. It is also a good idea to read the privacy statement of Eflster to make sure you are comfortable with participating.

* Please start preparing your mug rug when you join so that you are ready to send it when the receiver is revealed to you.

* We recommend not to click RSVP on the RSVP box while registering to Elfster to avoid unnecessary spam by the system.

We wish 2021 to bring peace, health and happiness to all of us!

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