Christmas rug exchange

Some of the companies I worked for in the past had a funny way of forming friendships. Everyone's names were written on slips of paper that were placed in a bowl, and then everyone picked a piece of paper from the bowl. Each of us then gave a New Year's gift to that person.

How about sending a small patchwork mug to each other as a Christmas present? The model and fabrics could be chosen by each. In this way, we could make each other happy with mug rugs of our own design and the size of our choice, which we would make, for example, from fabric scraps, as a surprise gift to each other. We could use Elfster to choose who sends to whom.

  • What is a mug mat? A mini patchwork that is fun to do and that mostly just looks pretty on the table, but also absorbs the drops of our chosen drink and condensed water drops from the mug.
  • How big is the mug? As big as you want it to be, usually between the size of a regular coaster and a coaster, i.e. somewhere between 10x15cm and 15x25cm.
  • How can I make a mug rug? Just like any small patchwork!
  • What do mug rugs usually look like? Many examples can be found on Pinterest .

How to participate and what to do:

  1. Click HERE , leave your postal and e-mail address to participate in the exchange no later than November 25.
  2. The drawing is on November 30th, when the Elfster system chooses who will send to whom. You will then receive an email from Elfster telling you who you would make the mug for and to which address you would send it.
  3. Create a mug and send it with an accompanying message to the lucky recipient of your mug.

A few small reminders:

* It is good to note that by joining the exchange, your name and address will be revealed to a person you may not know - the participant Elfster has chosen to create and send you a mug mat. It is also good to read Eflster's privacy statement.

* Start preparing your mug when you join the exchange so that you are ready to send it when the lucky recipient is revealed to you.

* We recommend that you do not tick RSVP in the RSVP field when you register with Elfster to avoid unnecessary messages from the system.

We hope 2021 brings peace, health and happiness to all of us!

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