Fabric hoarder test

Add one point for each item if you have:

  • fabric storage at home
  • three or more places to store fabrics
  • more than four kilos of fabric
  • a secret fabric stash hidden from the partner
  • fabrics you have never used
  • fabrics that you have forgotten... probably
  • more than three unfinished crafts
  • fabrics received as a Christmas or birthday present
  • at least six different colored fabrics
  • fabric scraps for later use
  • two or more piles of treasure
  • fabrics that have not been touched for more than three years
  • mystery fabrics
  • over five full fabric storage boxes
  • a fabric storage system that only you understand
  • you spend more time with fabrics than with friends and family
  • you have found new uses for fabrics
  • expensive fabric that you coveted but never got around to wearing
  • you told someone your shopping cart just jumped off the canvas

If you got more than 10 points, you might have a fabric addiction :)

We have some options for you.

First of all, you can use the KANGASADDIKTI discount code and get 10% off our store for one order :) valid until 31.12.2020.

Second, if you want to donate your extra fabrics to good causes, you can send them to us. We know of two donation destinations:

1. The charity group of the Helsinki Labor College, which makes button blankets for the premature babies of the Children's Hospital

2. Vuolijoki youth hall sewing club

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