Fabric Addict Test



Add one point if you have:

  • Fabric stashed anywhere in your home
  • 3+ fabric storage spots in your home
  • Fabric in more than 4 kilos
  • Secret fabric hidden from a partner
  • Fabrics you've never used
  • Fabrics you've forgotten about... probably
  • More than 3 WIPs (work-in-progress)
  • Received fabric for your birthday or Christmas
  • At least 6 different colors of fabric
  • Scraps saved up for later
  • Two or more distinct scrap stashes
  • Untouched fabric from more than 3 years ago
  • Mystery fabrics
  • Over 5 storage tubs stuffed FULL of fabric
  • An organization system only you understand
  • Spent more time with fabrics than family and friends
  • Repurposed fabric
  • Expensive fabric you bought but never used
  • Told someone the fabric just hopped into your cart

If you got over 10 points, you might have a fabric addiction :)

We have some options for you.

First, you may use KANGASADDIKTI discount code and get 10% discount from our shop :)

Second, would you like to donate some fabric? You can send your donation fabric to us. We have two options to donate for::

1. Community College’s philanthropy group creating baby mats for early born babies at Children Hospital

2. Nuorisotalojen ompelukerhot


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