Instructions for use of wooden printing stamps

The wooden printing stamps are made of linden, which is traditionally used for stamps in the Anatolian region. The softness of linden allows engraving and it also absorbs dyes. Wooden printing stamps are neither water nor heat resistant.

  1. Do not wash the stamps to clean them!
  2. Do not store stamps in very hot or cold conditions.
  3. Clean the stamps by pressing them onto the test fabric until the toner is removed. Clean the outer parts of the stamps with a cloth or a brush.
  4. The printing surface must be soft. You can place old blankets or sheets on the table where you make the print.
  5. Wash and iron the fabric to be printed in advance.
  6. Try the stamper first on a test fabric a few times to saturate the stamper. (You may notice that the second or third time you get a neater result.)

Example video on using stamps:

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