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As a local and online Finnish Quilt Shop based in Helsinki, I never ever imagined selling fabrics to the US or Australia. 

Everyone knows and is jealous about US quilters. Fabrics are cheap there compared to Europe. In Europe we pay VAT, and it varies from country to country: 19 to 25%. In Finland we pay 24%. I am very thankful to all the Finnish quilters. They buy fabrics from me and pay taxes. 

When I decided to open my shop, my target was only Finnish Quilters. I get fabrics mostly from Moda and FreeSpirit Fabrics (both are US companies). And it is obvious in the US no one wants to support the Finnish education or health system with paying extra taxes on their own products. I have a couple of customers living in Sweden, Estonia, Germany and France, but that's all. Tilkkunen is a Finnish Quilt Shop.

My first shock was a sale in Australia almost a month ago. And a second shock came from the US yesterday. I am guessing that they both desperately needed fabric for their half-done projects. In the middle of the project, the fabric is finished, and they need to extra. Unfortunately, they paid almost 4/5 times extra postal charge than the fabric price.

Do you have a similar situation? In the middle of the project, the fabrics were finished. What did you do? 

In the picture you may see those fabrics from old collections of Moda, which went to the US and Australia. For a joke I wrote "Antique Fabric" shop. Also, I don't know if there are any fabric collectioners which collectiong fabrics for a "collection". I know, me included, some quilters dont want to cut some fabrics, happy with the fabrics on the shelves. 

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