Tips for hand embroidery with Aurifil's 12wt thread

Aurifil's 12wt/2ply thread is available in all of our 270 cotton thread colors and is wound on a red spool. It is our heaviest thread and is perfectly suited for hand embroidery of your favorite works.

  • Use a high-quality hand embroidery needle that can handle hand embroidery without bending or breaking, and whose eye is large enough for this thread. For example, wool embroidery (crewel) or embroidery needles size 5 and silk embroidery needles (chenille) size 24 are suitable.
  • Avoid fraying and weakening the thread by threading the needle only 12-15" or roughly the length of your arm at a time.
  • Always thread the needle with a piece of thread in the same direction, you can knot the last cut end and thread from the other end.
  • Use a sturdy frame to hold the layers of work in place.
  • Use an open thimble to facilitate needle handling.

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