Aurifil 28wt cotton sewing thread


    Aurifil's 100% cotton 28wt/2ply sewing thread is their second heaviest thread and is available in all 270 different cotton colors wound on gray sides.

    Usage: Double cross stitch, hand applique, hand quilting, hand sewing, bobbin thread, top thread, hand appliqué, machine stitching, machine embroidery, serging, modified long arm stitching.

    Needle recommendations:

    • 90/14 quilting or Denim Needle (in Poland 50wt)
    • 4.0 Longarm quilting needle (in bobbin 40wt)

    Tips: With a long neck sewing machine, sew a little slower than usual, especially on curves.

    Sizes : Small spool (100 mt), Large spool (750 mt), Cone (3300 mt)

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