Aurifil 50wt cotton sewing thread


    Aurifil's 100% cotton 50wt/2ply sewing thread is their most versatile and popular thread and is available in all 270 different cotton colors wound on the iconic orange sides. This sewing thread is thin but strong and produces remarkably smooth and sharp seams.
    Use: Needle thread appliqué, English paper gathering, hand gathering, sewing, bobbin thread, top thread, machine appliqué (straight stitch, zigzag, hidden hem, cover quilt), machine embroidery, dense machine patchwork, sparse machine patchwork and long arm patchwork, basting, whole cloth and micro patchwork, dense background patterns.

    Needle recommendations:
    • 80/12 Microtex / Sharp, Universal, quilting or denim needles (in Polish 50wt)
    • 4.0 Longarm needle (in bobbin 50wt)
    Sizes: Small spool (200 mt), Large spool (1300 mt), Cone (5900 mt)

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