Bosal Single Sided Fusible Light 45'' x 36'', yhdeltä puolelta tarttuva ohut vanu

Bosal Single Sided Fusible Light 45'' x 36'', single sided thin wadding

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Bosal Single Sided Fusible Light 45'' x 36'', single-sided thin fusible fusible heat-set light Bosal 426LF fusible fusible fabric, 114 x 91 cm. Needle-saving construction, easy to sew, fixing with an iron (but not by ironing).

Instructions for use: Put the support fabric at the bottom and the fabric to be combined on top of it. Do not touch the backing fabric with an iron, as the glue will stick to the iron. If the fabric to be combined is in pieces on top of the backing fabric, use parchment paper to make sure you don't touch the backing fabric with the iron.

Fixing can be changed by three factors: temperature, pressure and time. The time used to attach the support fabric depends on the strength of the fabric and the temperature suitable for the fabric.

The glue on the backing fabric adheres better at higher temperatures, but you should follow the ironing instructions for the type of fabric at higher temperatures. If the fabric is fine silk or synthetic fiber, you must use a lower heat and press the iron for a shorter time.

The iron is not used to iron, but is used to press the fabrics together at each point for about 8-12 seconds, going through the entire area. However, the iron can be slightly moved while pressing.

A moderate amount of steam or a damp intermediate cloth can be used as needed. Too much moisture may transfer the glue to the fabric, so it no longer connects the backing fabric to the fabric.

Size 45" x 36", i.e. 114.3 x 91.44 cm.

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