Clover Water Soluble Blue Marking Pen 515 Fine sininen vesiliukoinen merkkauskynä

Clover White Marking Pen 517 Fine

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The White Marking Pen is recommended for making marks on black or dark colored fabrics. White Marker ink disappears with use of iron or when washed.

Try the marker on scrap of same fabric before use
If the marker does not flow smoothly when you first begin to use it, rub the tip gently against a piece of paper or fabric until the ink flows easily
Marks will gradually begin to appear after 10-30 seconds
Marks may not be easy to see on coarse, napped, thick or light colored fabrics
You can retrace your marks if they are not easy to see on the first pass
If marks don't disappear with ironing, they can be removed by rinsing the fabric with water
Do not use the marker on non-washable fabric like silk


  • Ink: Wax, Water and others
  • Body/Cap: Polypropylene

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