Luna Soft-Comfort Twin (183 x 228cm) puuvillasekoitevanu

Luna, Soy Soft Blend Queen 50/50 Soy-Organic cotton Batting

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Size: 90x108Inch (228 x 274 cm)

Material thickness approx. 3 mm

Quilting distance up to 10 inches (25 cm)

50% soy, 50% organic cotton

Color natural white

Natural Fibers

Soybean protein fiber has the luster of silk and the feel of cashmere. Not just for looks, the breaking strength of soybean protein fiber is higher than wool, plain cotton and silk.

Chemical Free

Luna Soy Soft batting is cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals.

Fibers Stay in Your Quilt

Our needle-punch technology enables us to avoid the use of any binders or resins. Luna Soy Soft will not shift or shed through the cover of your quilt.

Stitch Up to 8" (20 cm) Apart

Luna Soy Soft batting is created with an ultralight and super strong substrate so your quilt outlast years of repeated use and washings - even when your stitches are a full 8" (20 cm) apart.

Great For Machine Quilting

Luna Soy Soft's unique construction makes it ideal for machine quilting.

Authentic Hand Sewn Look

For hand sewn look do not pre-shrink simply use right out of this package. Luna Soy Soft batting will shrink approximately 3% after washing.

Needle Punched to a thin scrim

We hope you enjoy this wonderful material for many years to come!

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