Ompelukoneneula: Organ Leather #90-100 5 kpl

Sewing Machine Needle: Organ Leather 90-100 5pcs

Organ Needles
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Organ Leather Needle. The pack contains three size 90/14 and two 100/16 needles.

Organ Leather needles have a special tip designed to pierce even thick materials such as leather and suede fabrics.

While these needles are often referred to as leather needles, they also tend to be the needle of choice for other types of nonwoven materials, like vinyl, suede, and synthetic leather. Leather needles can be used to sew, stitch, or trim a variety of items: Shoes, bags/purses, clothing, suitcases, furniture, car seats, belts etc.

Sew with good quality thread.

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