Superior Threads Topstitch Assortment ompelukoneneula lajitelma (70/10,80/12,90/14,100/16)

Sewing Machine Needle: ST Titanium Topstitch Assortment (70/10,80/12,90/14,100/16)

Superior Threads
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The premium Topstitch sewing machine needles have a large mesh and a deep groove, making them perfect for use with all types of threads and also metal threads. The ultra-thin titanium nitride coating keeps the needles sharper than regular needles. The pack contains five needles.

Titanium-reinforced needles for machine stitching and embroidery. Pack of 5 pcs. Sizes 1x70, 1x80, 2x90 ja 1x100

  • Because these new needles have a very thin coating of titanium nitrile, they stay sharper for longer
  • Made of titanium coated metal
  • Made in Japan

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