Puinen painantaleimasin - Lehti 6

Wooden Print Block - Leaf 6

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Wooden Print Block

Figure: Leaf 6

Size: 11 x 5 cm

Instructions for the wooden fabric printing blocks

Wooden blocks for fabric printing are made of linden wood which is traditionally used for this purpose in Anatolia. Its softness allows carving and also increases capacity to absorb paint. Wooden blocks for fabric printing are not water nor heat resistant.

  1. Never wash the blocks to clean them!
  2. Do not store the blocks in extreme hot or cold environments.
  3. Clean the blocks by pressing them on a trial fabric until the dye is gone. Clean the outer parts of the blocks with a cloth or with a brush.
  4. The surface you use for printing must be soft. You can lay out old blankets or bed sheets on the table where you will do the printing.
  5. Wash and iron the fabric you will print on beforehand.
  6. While printing, test print on a trial fabric a few times to accustom the patterns to the dye. (You will notice that the second and third editions are nicer.)

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