Pyöröterän teroitin
Pyöröterän teroitin

Round blade sharpener 45mm

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Roll the blade of your circular cutter against the sharpening plate to remove small burrs and burrs.

Twist the handles open. Float the blade of the circular cutter from its central hole to the screw of the other handle. Twist the handles together with a circular cutter between them.

Short instructions for sharpening
The light side of the sharpening plate is rougher and the darker side is finer. Start sharpening on the coarse side, then turn the sharpening disc over and finish sharpening on the finer side.

Hold the sharpening plate in the other hand and place the sharpener you assembled against the sharpening plate. Use appropriate force and rotate the handle 10-20 times in one direction, depending on the condition of the blade. Turn the sharpener you assembled and repeat accordingly on the other side.

Essential advice
When sharpening, keep the sharpening plate only moderately wet. Just wet your fingertip with water and rub it on different sides of the sharpening plate. This way, the metal dust released during sharpening does not block its pores. After use, clean the surfaces with a damp cloth.

Sharpening will take less time later if you repeat it often enough. However, the sharpener cannot repair possible larger damages on the blade of the circular cutter.

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