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Rotary Blade Sharpener 45mm

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Twist your rotary cutting blade against the abrasive disk to remove small burrs and dull spots.

Unscrew handles. Center blade on handle with screw. Tighen handles together over blade.

Basic Sharpening Instructions
The abrasive disk has two sharpening surfaces: coarse (lighter) and fine (darker). Start with coarse side then turn abrasive disk over and finish with fine side. 

  1. Hold abrasive disk in one hand. Place handle-and-blade assembly onto abrasive disk.
  2. Apply force and twist handle in one direction 10-20 times, depending on condition of blade.
  3. Turn handle assembly over, and sharpen reverse side of blade. Sharpen both sides equally.

Essential Sharpening Tips

  1. During the sharpening process, keep the sharpeing disk moderately wet Dip only the tip of your finger in water and rub a ring of water around disk. This prevents metal particles from clogging the sharpening surface. After using the sharpener, clean the grit surfaces with a damp cloth.
  2. The first time you sharpen a blade, expect the process to take longer and require added force to restore its razor-sharp edge. Subsequent sharpening will restore its edge more easily

Note: Chips in blades cannot be repaired

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