Rock Pool Tea Toweling 992-255 keittiöpyyhekangas

Rock Pool Tea Toweling 992-255

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High quality, tick and narrow 100% cotton Rock Pool Tea Toweling collection designed by Pieces to Treasure for Moda Fabrics.

The stripes provide the base for beautiful bags, pillows and appliquéd table runners. Exciting geometric quilt patterns and pillows can also be created with clever cutting. This 100% thick textured cotton is perfect for stitching and appliqué and can showcase the beauty of the fabric itself, or be used to create stunning, individual projects.

Moda Fabrics, width ~45.72cm, collection: Rock Pool Tea Toweling, designer: Pieces to Treasure

Price: 11 €/m 

Quantity 1 = 50 cm (width of fabric)

When you select multiple full-width pieces of fabric, we aim to send the fabric as one piece.