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Baby quilt: ”Steps”

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Usable as a baby quilt or as a lap quilt.


  • Size: ~90x90 cm
  • Top: 100% cotton fabric
  • Back: 100% cotton flannel
  • Batting: 100% polyester made in Finland, type 60gA100, fire safe, approved by the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Union

Thin summer quilt, perfect for the tummy time or as a play mattress, practical size for car and baby carriage use. When the baby grows up a bit this will surely become the favorite blanket.

Are you looking for magnificent modern quilt that suits your baby room? This customizable baby quilt looks perfect in any modern baby room and is available to order in any fabrics of our selections according to your style and also with thicker cotton- or polyester batting if needed. Please report your custom wishes in 'Add a note to your order' field of your order. Custom orders have around one week extra delivery time.

Top part has not been washed but the back part has been in order to reduce shrinking. Washing may still shrink the quilt a bit. After gentle machine wash let it dry hanging. Even though the materials are of high quality it is recommended to use a color catcher while washing. Washing may wrinkle the quilt. If you don't like it wrinkled it may be gently ironed or mangled.

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