Tilkkunen's Kuussa6 FQ-Package membership

Tilkkunen's Kuussa6 FQ-Package membership

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Keep your fabrics stash up to date with regular FQ packages! Every month you will receive varied styles and beauty of high-quality cotton fabrics to enrich your opportunities in the wonderful world of quilting and crafts.

By joining to monthly Tilkkunen's Kuussa6 FQ-bundles you will get 6 fabric bundle from Bella Solids/Grunge collection at the price of 19,98€ a month. You will be charged an initial membership fee of € 0.99 when you join.

The following bundles will be from the following collections (if the world's corona situation allows):

January - Red
February - Blue
March - Green
April - Purple
May - Pink
June - Midsummer Fire
July - Beige
August - ?
This is a permanent membership. Check back later for collections for the coming months. You will receive submissions until you contact us to unsubscribe. The membership fee is non-refundable.
We will contact you upon arrival of the current fabric collection and confirm whether you would like to receive the bundle.