Tulip Hiroshima Quilt Basting Needles Long/Regular, tilkkuilu silmäneulat

Tulip Hiroshima Quilt Basting Needles Long/Regular, quilting eye needles

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Tulip Hiroshima Quilt Basting Needle Long/Regular, quilting eye needles
Tulip's top-quality, long hand sewing needles are suitable, for example, for sewing together three layers of patchwork by hand. They are almost twice as long as regular quilting needles, so you can make more stitches in one go. The finished sharpness of the needles guarantees easy passing of the layers of patchwork.

The specially shaped eye of the needles is easy to thread and the sanding finish prevents jamming when sewing. The sanding is finished in the longitudinal direction, so the needle slides through the fabric fibers more easily. These Tulip sewing needles combine modern precision technology with 65 years of experience in making needles.
These sewing needles do not contain nickel and are therefore also suitable for people hypersensitive to nickel.

Patchwork sewing needles, long & regular
Three long + three regular lengths + named transparent case with cap
Sizes: 0.69 x 48.0 mm (long) + 0.61 x 45.0 mm (regular)

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